How to Save Yourself from Weak, Sour, and Bitter Coffee

Turkish Coffee Maker with Invito Coffee

If there is anything that we took away from childhood, it is that germs thrive in warm wet places. Each morning when you brew your coffee, your coffee-maker creates the perfect environment for yeast and mold to grow. To ensure your machine isn’t hiding little surprises, clean your machine on a regular basis.

French Press coffee maker with Invito Coffee from Costa Rica

Here are four tips to make your life easier and keep your coffee tasting amazing!

To Eliminate Build-up

Did you know that calcium and other mineral deposits build-up in your coffee-maker resulting in restricted water flow and causing lower brewing temperatures? Lower brewing temperatures will under-extract your coffee resulting is sour and weak flavours.

Extend the Life of Your Coffee-Maker

This build-up can also affect the operation of any parts that come in contact with the water. Over time, this build-up will compromise the system. Regular cleaning will eliminate build-up and ensure a great relationship with your coffee-maker for a long time.

Remove Oil to Improve Flavour

You may not see it, but coffee oil leaves residue in both your cup and coffee pot! Be sure to wash your coffee pot in the dishwasher (if it is dishwasher safe) or with hot, soapy water. Over time this oily residue can impart a bitter flavour in future cups of coffee if not removed.

Keep Your System Germ-Free

Germs proliferate in warm, moist environments. To prevent germs, yeast, and mould build-up in your coffee-maker, discard the spent grounds after each brew. All three are known allergy triggers. Also, leave the lid open after washing to let the inside dry out.

Now that your coffee-maker is clean and ready for brewing, why spoil the mood with a store-bought bean? Call us biased but we highly recommend INVITO fresh roasted coffee! Free local delivery and every cup is so satisfying!

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