Is COFFEETAB instant coffee?

No, COFFEETAB is made from real specialty coffee grown at farms just like ours. 

Do the coffee grounds get into your mouth?
No, the proprietary technology in COFFEETAB uses a special grinding method ensuring that all particles of ground coffee settle to the bottom of the cup, allowing you to enjoy it comfortably. It's similar to Turkish coffee. So you can enjoy your delicious cup of specialty coffee worry free, just remember to stop drinking about a centimeter from the bottom. 😉
What is the freshness of COFFEETAB?
The optimal freshness is 12 months! COFFEETAB is pressed directly after grinding for the preservation of all aromatic molecules and extending the freshness of ground coffeeEach COFFEETAB is opened only before brewing - allowing the coffee to always stay fresh. This is what sets COFFEETAB apart from the competition!
Do you ship to the US?
YES! We ship through Canada Post and shipping times average 5-8 business days. Shipping is a flat rate of $5, and FREE shipping over $50 CAD!