Frequently Asked Questions

Delicious cup of Invito coffee on a counter

1. When does INVITO ship orders?

Please read our Shipping Policy HERE.

2. What is the INVITO Return Policy?

Please read our Return Policy HERE.

5. Where is the INVITO family farm?

Our family farm is located in Monteverde's West Valley, surrounded by lush vegetation, butterflies, and songs from birds and parrots. The farm is so beautiful that we try out best to portray that beauty in our packaging, and our philosophy of sustainable farming with 100% compostable coffee bags. Enjoy paradise with every sip! Learn more about the farm HERE.

6. Why does INVITO use 100% compostable packaging?

Our line of fully compostable coffee bags means zero waste! The bag, sticker, and label are home and commercial compost certified, so after the coffee is gone, you can toss the whole bag into your compost. This is a game-changer in the coffee industry, and keeps our landfills, beaches and oceans, plastic-free! Good coffee does not have to cost the earth. Learn more about our packaging HERE.

7. Who are the founders of INVITO Coffee?

INVITO was founded by owners Yaro and Heather who live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Yaro is an airline pilot who pivoted at the beginning of the pandemic and now operates the family-run business with his partner Heather. Together, they strive to provide top-quality coffee, customer service, and do what they can to reduce the environmental impact of coffee packaging waste.

8. Why is INVITO Coffee unique?

It is the freshest Costa Rican coffee you will find! INVITO controls the whole process from growing the coffee utilizing organic farming practices, to importing and then micro-batch roasting locally. Finally, it is packaged it in 100% compostable bags and delivered fresh to your doorstep. No other company can offer this level of transparency.  

9. How fresh is INVITO Coffee?

We roast once a week to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible and we thank you in advance for your patience while we get your order ready.