Meet the INVITO Team

Our Story - From Costa Rica to Vancouver

Yaro and Heather founded INVITO Coffee with the initial purpose of sharing coffee from best coffee producers in Costa Rica, but as they began  researching coffee packaging and the plastic waste it creates, INVITO quickly evolved into something more into the ethical business it is today. They are one of Vancouver's - and possibly Canada's - first and leading plastic-free and zero-waste coffee companies.

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A Promise of Sustainability

Being avid sailors and loving the ocean, the duo did not want to continue contributing to the plastic pollution that goes into waterways and landfills. By starting INVITO Coffee, they wanted to build a plastic-free and zero-waste company right from the ground floor.
The decision to use 100% compostable coffee packaging allowed them to get away from traditional plastic bags. While they are three-times the cost, it is the company's responsibility to make decisions for the health of the planet and to do it without passing down the costs to the consumer. The bag, sticker, and valve are fully compostable, and our customers love this.
All INVITO product is shipping exclusively in cardboard boxes with paper stickers, and compostable packing tape, making each shipment 100% recyclable. 

Our Socio-Economic Impact

INVITO has developed its own eco-system which results in a positive social impact on everyone that interacts with it. 

We pride ourselves on working with the best Costa Rican coffee producers to bring you the finest quality beans while maintaining ethical standards

The coffee is then imported directly into Canada ensuring the beans are as fresh as possible.

In Vancouver, the beans are small-batch roasted and delivered weekly to local homes and businesses. Orders outside the Lower Mainland are shipped with minimal recyclable packaging.

INVITO compostable packaging is sourced from companies that produce plastic-free and sustainable products.

All the above results in our customers receiving highly delicious specialty coffee with all the eco-elements they require. Profit from the company is reinvested back into the business and supporting Costa Rica farmers, creating a closed loop. 


If you have any questions about our processes, do not hesitate to reach out via email to