About Invito

yaro invito coffee at coffee farm holding coffee bagheather from invito coffee holding 100% compostable coffee bag

From Our Family to Yours

We are Yaro & Heather, founders of Invito Coffee. We started Invito Coffee with the initial purpose of featuring coffee from our family's coffee plantation in Costa Rica, but as we started researching coffee packaging and the plastic waste it creates, it quickly evolved into something more! We are one of Canadas first and leading plastic free and zero waste coffee companies.

Our Sustainability Promise

“Coffee With A Conscience”
coffee packaging waste
Being an avid sailors and loving the ocean, we didn’t want to continue contributing to the plastic pollution that goes into our oceans & landfills. By starting Invito Coffee, we wanted to create a plastic free & zero waste company right from the ground floor.
We decided to use 100% compostable coffee packaging and get away from traditional plastic bags. They are 3x the cost, but as a company we feel it’s our responsibility to make these decisions for the health of our planet, without passing down the costs to the consumer. The bag, sticker, and valve are fully compostable, and we are super excited about this!
We tackled our shipping packaging next, and use only cardboard boxes, paper stickers, and compostable packing tape, making it 100% recyclable. We try and minimize packaging and make our shipments as compact as possible.
As a consumer, the purchase you make is a moral act—an opportunity to vote with your dollar for the world you want to see!

Our Socio-Economic Impact

We have developed our own eco system that has a positive social impact on everyone that comes in contact with our company. From the coffee plantation, where our workers are treated fairly, paid a good wage, and send their kids to school. This creates a happy work force, which results in a healthy and well maintained coffee plantation. Our coffee is then imported into Canada, using no middlemen, resulting in cost savings that we pass down to our coffee lovers. In Canada our coffee is locally roasted in Vancouver BC, supporting local businesses and retailers. Our compostable packaging is sourced from sustainable companies, helping support plastic free initiatives. The consumer then receives an ethically sourced, direct trade and traceable, highly delicious specialty coffee, and their purchase allows us to put money back into our plantation, closing the loop.

We sincerely thank everyone, along our whole supply chain, and especially our customers, who make this all possible by choosing to buy our coffee!