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Vancouvers 1st Zero-Waste Coffee Company!

100% Compostable Bags

Caring deeply for the environment and wanting to leave a better planet for our children, we have introduced one of Canada's first line's of fully compostable coffee bags! The compounds and films used to produce the bags comply with both American and European compost standards (EU 13432 and ASTM D6400) and are certified for both home and industrial composting.

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Coffee Beans


Green Coffee


A surprisingly pleasant aroma and a mature, fruity sweetness"

Holly G.

So clean and elegant you get all the citrus notes in a coffee

Zack A.

Full bodied, exceptionally balaned without any bitterness to speak of

Caleb S.

Join us on our mission to free our landfills & oceans from plastic waste! As a company we are actively supporting tree planting and ocean cleanup initiatives. 

Say Goodbye To Instant Coffee

Patented COFFEETAB™ Technology harnesses the power of simple science to compress real specialty coffee into a tab, without preservatives or chemicals and achieving a 12 month optimum freshness. We’re actively reimagining coffee on-the-go, in the name of fresh and delicious, in the name of flavour.

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