Defining Single Origin Coffee

Defining Single Origin Coffee

As a coffee lover, you can't help but be curious about where your favourite coffee beans come from. 'Single origin coffee' is more than a phrase bandied about by coffee snobs. Hearing these three words in a conversation means those speaking are sincerely interested in where their coffee comes from... and it is fun to try to detect specific flavour notes and connecting them to a particular geographical location

A single origin coffee is not necessarily better than a blend. What it defines is your ability to consider the source of the beans while evaluating their taste. Many companies represent their coffee products by the country of origin - for example, Columbia, Ethiopian, African - but single origin defines the region within that country. Developing a palate for specific areas or even the farm the beans grew in is akin to how wine lovers tell where the best Champagne grapes originate.

Also, consider that single origin coffees are generally linked with better earnings and quality of life for the producers.

All INVITO beans are single origin and originate from our family farm in Costa Rica. It is very important to us that our coffee quality not be diluted or delayed through third-party processes. 

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