Brew Guide - Espresso

Brew Guide - Espresso
Remove the portafilter from your espresso machine’s grouphead. Then place it on a scale and tare the weight.
Purge your grouphead thoroughly with a steady stream of hot water.
For a double shot, ensure you grind between 18 to 21-grams of coffee into the basket. The proper grind is crucial to create a balanced and delicious shot of espresso. You may find it necessary to adjust its fineness a bit. In general, the grind should be pretty fine.
Smooth the coffee by moving your finger back and forth across in a swiping motion.
Place your portafilter on a flat surface, position your tamper level on top of the grounds and apply downward pressure. Careful not to drive the palm of your hand into the tamper’s base. The motion should be just enough to seal the coffee in the grouphead evenly. Then give the tamper a gentle spin to smooth the grounds for an even extraction.
Position the portafilter in the grouphead, twist, and start your shot. Yaro recommends pulling it into a pre-heated ceramic demitasse.
The shot should start with a slow drip and then develop into a gentle, even stream. Near the 30-second mark, you will notice the extraction end, causing the shot to thicken and start to change colour - 'blonde' or 'yellowish' - now stop the shot.
Enjoy your INVITO!

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