Green Beans

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Whether you are a hobby roaster, getting into the industry, or a seasoned professional, you can buy our green beans in Canada! We ship from Vancouver to anywhere in Canada in either 5 pound or 50 pound box sizes. This not only reduces freight costs, but allows you to order the amount of coffee you need.

A rounded sweetness in the cup, orange, orange pekoe, a vanilla accent, toffee, bittersweet cocoa, and vibrant citric acidity. Great for a light to medium roast boasting aromatic florals. Full City builds a more chocolate-toned cup. City to Full City+. Good for espresso.

Origin: Our Family Plantation in Costa Rica

Elevation: 1100 meters

Varietals: Cattura/Obata

Process: Washed

Try a sample to see whether our coffee will fit your roasting program. We are always looking for more direct trade relationships!

*Our flat rate shipping of $10 applies to all green coffee.

*Please contact us for Volume & Shipping rate discounts on larger orders.

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