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INVITO Espresso Roast - 340g

Bean Origin Costa Rica - West Valley
Aroma Nuts, Chocolate
Tasting Notes Cocoa, Toffee, Caramel
Elevation 1100 metres
Varietal Caturra/Obata
Process Washed
Our espresso roast, single-origin, specialty coffee represents the beauty of Costa Rica that is full-bodied and bright, giving you a smooth and creamy cup that chocolate lovers will enjoy.

* NOTE: For those concerned about 'oily' espresso beans blogging up your machine -  INVITO Espresso beans are NOT OILY which makes them ideal in all-in-one machines - both at home or in your business. 

Visit our FAQ for Answers to all your Questions about our family farm in Costa Rica, compostable packaging, shipping, and more!

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