INVITO Origins

Beneficio Monteverde

Our family owned plantation is located in the heart of the Monteverde coffee region (west valley). It's a beautiful 42 hectare farm and we produce some of the best specialty coffee in our area.
Our coffee is washed using the water from 2 large rivers that run through the property, focusing on sustainable farming practices.
Over the past 4 years we have been rejuvenating the farm by planting 10 hectares of new trees, that will sustain the plantation for decades to come.
But what makes our plantation so special, is the Beneficio (coffee mill). It is the only one in the area, and we are able to process coffee from other farmers. By using new technologies, updated machinery, and best fermentation techniques, we are able to increase the quality and flavours of our coffee.
Since we are the farmers, we take Fairtrade practices to the next level! We built brand new housing for our employees and coffee pickers and ensure everyone is paid a livable wage.

If you would like to support our initiatives, we are always looking to build new direct trade relationships.