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INVITO Cold Brew

Bean Origin Costa Rica - West Valley
Aroma Nuts, Chocolate
Tasting Notes Cocoa, Toffee, Caramel
Elevation 1100 metres
Varietal Caturra/Obata
Process Washed
Quench your thirst this summer with INVITO Coffee Cold Brew! Made with our single-origin espresso roast, this specialty coffee is full-bodied and bright, giving you a smooth and creamy cup that dark chocolate lovers will enjoy. To create a stellar drinking experience, stack your favourite frosty glass with ice, pour in our Cold Brew, top with foamy cold milk. Stunning!
INVITO Coffee Cold Brew is available only in reuseable glass bottles throughout the Lower Mainland through in-person sales. Find it your local Farmer's Market or order online and have it delivered to your door. 

The Four Steps to INVITO Cold Brew

1. Shop Online or in person ($8.25 + $2 bottle deposit)

2. Cold Brew is delivered in sanitized 500ml pop top bottles. Our current system is designed for the Lower Mainland only.

3. Place a reorder online and we will pick up your empty bottle or return your bottle at our Farmer's Market's for a refund or refill.

4. INVITO cleans & sanitizes the bottles, completing the loop.

Now you can go completely zero-waste! The bottles keep the cold brew fresh for 4 weeks, as long as they are refrigerated. There is a $3 deposit for each bottle, which gets refunded or rolled over into your next order.

We are taking coffee sustainability to the next level, and we are excited to have you join us!

Read More about Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee in our Behind the Bean blog.

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